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Annelee Boyle, MD

Medical Director of Labor and Delivery

Annelee Boyle, MD, is the medical director of WVU Medicine Children’s Labor and Delivery. When a pregnancy is complicated and either the baby or the mom is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and delivery, Dr. Boyle lends her expertise.

“I’m passionate about my patients and offering hope throughout their journey,” says Dr. Boyle. “Often, pregnant moms have a lot of questions and aren’t sure what to expect. But with today’s advances, there are many treatments to support a high-risk pregnancy. I help bring confidence to my patients and put them at ease.”

As a mother herself, Dr. Boyle understands that pregnancy is one of the most joyful times in a family’s life. It can also bring challenges. “One of the most rewarding parts of my career is that I can help women positively navigate this life-changing experience. We see true miracles every day,” she explains.

“I love my patients,” she adds. “I love when they send me Christmas cards and pictures with their little one growing and thriving. And I love seeing the birth announcements or when a new mom brings her baby in for an exam and stops by to visit. I love caring for multiple pregnancies and developing a relationship with the parents.”

For some moms to be, their pregnancy is considered high risk simply because of their age, while others have a medical condition that makes the pregnancy more complicated. “Each patient is different, each medical and emotional need is different. That’s why we tailor our treatment to each patient.”

Outcomes for at-risk babies are much better than they were 20 or 30 years ago, she adds. “We’ve made dramatic improvements over the years in terms of technology and research. It’s critical that as providers, we stay current on treatments and technology, so we can always provide the very best care for our patients,” she says.

Medicines help keep mothers healthier throughout a complicated pregnancy. We continue to see great strides every day in caring for babies born preterm and smaller, thanks to the advances in medicine and the exceptional care of neonatologists. Dr. Boyle also partners with cardiologists and other specialists to treat pregnant women with specific medical conditions.

“My patients experience many different conditions that put them or their baby at risk,” says Dr. Boyle. “Sometimes, a pregnant patient diagnosed with cancer has many questions about the pregnancy and the health of her baby. Together, we work to develop a plan that is right for her,” she says. “I always respect my patient’s wishes.”

Dr. Boyle describes herself as a person who is kind, compassionate, and honest.

In high school, she thought she would study law in college. She even won a national debate. But between high school and college, she was an exchange student in Ecuador, where she worked as a translator for doctors and nurses. “That’s when I knew I was going to be a doctor,” she says. “The very first day, I saw the impact doctors and nurses had on their patients’ lives,” says Dr. Boyle.

Today, Dr. Boyle has a family, and after 17 years away from her native Morgantown, she has moved back. “I went to high school and college in Morgantown, then left for medical school,” she says. “I always knew I would come back.”

“The extraordinary care we’re providing to women throughout the region, along with being a tertiary care center, makes WVU Medicine Children’s an ideal place to share my passion,” says Dr. Boyle. “I have the opportunity to work with amazing neonatal and intensive care staff. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use these services, but they’re here if you need them.”

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