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Medical Genetics and Personalized Medicine Program


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When you or your child have a confirmed or suspected genetic condition, you have questions about what the best care is and how to achieve the best care. At WVU Medicine Children’s, we provide you with answers, care, and compassion in a warm and personalized environment.

The WVU Medicine Children’s Medical Genetics and Personalized Medicine Program team specializes in uncovering the possible genetic roots and providing the highest quality care of birth defects, inborn error of metabolism, and other health conditions that emerges from abnormalities in human genome.

Whether dealing with a known condition or needing genetic evaluation and appropriate genetic testing, our team delivers the guidance, support, and expertise you need.

The Medical Genetics and Personalized Medicine Program brings together board-certified geneticists, trained nurse practitioners, certified genetic counselors, dietitians, and nurses who advocate for you and your child and collaborate with colleagues working in other divisions within WVU Medicine.

Programs and Services

Our Medical Genetics and Personalized Medicine Program is an experienced team to provide diagnostics and treatments for a wide range of conditions in children.

General Genetics

Our comprehensive general genetics program will provide a comprehensive evaluation of a patient, genetic testing and counseling that is tailored to the specific needs of each patient and family.

Mitochondrial Disorders

We help children with a group of conditions that result in mutations from human DNA and can cause one or multiple organ dysfunctions from the original diagnosis through follow-up care.

Newborn Screening Follow-Up and Referral

As the only center for referral for West Virginia’s newborn screening program, we review cases and provide recommendations on continuing care for some of the youngest patients.

Metabolic Disorders

Our team provides diagnostics, medications, and long-term care based on recommendations from Primary Care Providers under the Newborn Screening Program guidelines.

As the only program in West Virginia that provides care to the state and neighboring regions for genetic, metabolic, and mitochondrial disorders, we want to be unique in the way we treat the community. Our experienced team is growing our services to expand to areas that may not have previously been able to receive this type of care. We are a community-oriented program, trying to reach people in all areas who need us.

1 Medical Center Drive Morgantown, WV 26506

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